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My name is Rose, and though I am from a smaller, farm town in the states, I just moved to Mexico City for a couple months to take a stab at pursuing my dreams! I love writing and reading, vintage clothes, big band & swing music, movies (I took a class on Noir films, and absolutely loved it), and so many other things, too! I graduated school a year early, so I am also a second-year college student studying Economics.
I would love to have an older pen pal to talk with, whether that be e-mail or snail mail! However, the postal service here is quite slow, so I use UPS and DHL to send my mail (My great-grandmother and I often correspond, and she has sent me mail in July via USPS that I have yet to receive here).
Please reach out if interested, I would love to get to know you!

Kate Me Mate

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24 hours w/o any replies.  Maybe WE didn’t write it right.  WE are seeking pen pals who are pros or duffers.  WE are not a scholar, but WE do like to compare my worldviews with the worldviews of “ithers”.  WE prefer the printed word for several reasons. *** “Strive for Par – Poetry Duffers – Celebrate Birdies” *** And so it goes, NiCK (2:00 p.m. 10/14/2019) – OVERTURE Lifelong Learning Initiative - Kate Me Mate


Let's chat. no?

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I am a 71 year old man now living the good life in northern Thailand.  I have a wide variety of interests perhaps highlighted by my near obsession with running and my love of cooking (I am a vegan and tend towards that type of cooking).

My life has been largely academic which I like to think has left me able to talk/write comfortably and politely about a large number of subjects.  That said, I am not looking for other academics necessarily, but rather people who are interesting in their own way.  Is that you?!  I am especially well traveled having lived and worked all around the world for my entire professional life and am always looking for new outlooks, opinions and ways of getting from point A to point B.  Open minded and welcoming has always been my mantra.

So much for me.  And you?  I would love to reach out and meet you.  Drop me a line at

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